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HTC Desire 510, 4GB Blue (CDMA)

I just purchased this package, came within 3 days free shipping, features:  Unlimited Calling, unlimited texts, 6 gig's of data(That's .5 gigs per month if you divide it out).

Phone cost me $40, Service cost me $80 for the year !

As a customer, I have perks to get more data for free, all I have to do is participate in some free surveys and review some products.  Believe me its a small amount of time required to increase the free data allotment for this cell phone plan.


That's $6.65 per month when you divide it by 12 months !


Samsung Galaxy S5, 16GB Charcoal Black (CDMA)


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FreedomPop Mobile Service Included FREE

All smartphones and hotspots purchased from FreedomShop come with FreedomPop service or a FreedomPop SIM card. 100% FREE.

FreedomPop Service Details

** Please read fine print when purchasing,  FreedomPop automatically gives you the first month free.  After which you will need to log into your FreedomPop account and select continuing your free service or they will bill you $25 to $32 per monthAgain its worth the effort.